TeleMega v5.0

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This is a high-end recording dual-deploy altimeter for high power model rocketry with integrated GPS and telemetry link.

The features included make TeleMega the ideal choice for complex projects including sustainers on multi-stage projects.

In particular, pyro events are configurable and can be based on time and various flight events and status, including angle from vertical.

Recording altimeter for high power model rocketry

Supports dual deployment and 4 additional pyro events. Pyro events are configurable and can be based on time and various flight events and status, including angle from vertical (for safety in staging and air start flights).

70cm ham-band transceiver for telemetry downlink Barometric pressure sensor good to 100k feet MSL 1-axis 200-g accelerometer for motor characterization 3-axis 16-g accelerometer for gyro calibration 3-axis 2000 deg/sec gyros 3-axis magnetic sensor

On-board, integrated GPS receiver

On-board non-volatile memory for flight data storage

Can drive up to 4 RC-style servos USB for power, configuration, and data recovery Integrated support for LiPo rechargeable batteries

User choice of pyro battery configuration, can use primary LiPo or any customer-chosen separate pyro battery up to 12 volts nominal.

3.25 x 1.25 inch board designed to fit inside 38mm airframe coupler tube

We're pleased to announce the next version of our top of the line flight computer, TeleMega. Version 5.0 is feature and performance compatible with version 4.0, replacing the integrated 9-axis IMU with the 6-axis gyro/accelerometer previously used by TeleMega v2.0 paired with a new 3-axis magnetic sensor due to the global semiconductor shortage.


TeleMega is an advanced flight computer with 9-axis IMU, 6 pyro channels, uBlox Max 8Q GPS and 40mW telemetry system.  We designed TeleMega to be the ideal flight computer for sustainers and other complex projects. Read more about TeleMega here:


Announcing AltOS 1.9.8
Along with support for TeleMega v5.0, AltOS 1.9.8 includes a few other minor changes.
Firmware Changes:
  * Extend extra pyro channel times to support values > 327 seconds.
AltosUI Changes:
  * Support ARM devices in Linux binary release
  * Add support for TeleMega v5.0
AltosDroid Changes:
  * Show tilt angle in pad and flight tabs
  * Show altitude as well as height (useful for TeleGPS)
  * Support devices without GPS receivers
MicroPeak GUI Changes:
  * Show error dialog if device open fails
Read more about AltOS here:
Required accessories 

Tele Starter set 


Customer Reviews

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Mike McDonald
Quick service at a good price

I bought a TeleMega from WildMan rocketry. Service was prompt and the price was good!

Sean Souza
TeleMega v5.0

Works good. Fast shipping. GPS locks fast, I'm excited to fly it

Steve Arnold
TeleMega Flight Computer for my Ultimate Dark Star

I am very satisfied with my TeleMega v5.0 Flight Computer. I am looking to get the Tele starter system to get complete rocket location system. Not finding stock system hope to have by LDRS 41 at Bong