Wildman Road Show

Here is a list of shows that we will be attending  as an invited Guest Vendor 

 January  13TH  TWA

January  20th  QCRC

January 27th  Woosh

February  10th TWA

February 17th QCRC

February  24th   Woosh 

March 9th TWA

March changed to 17thQCRC

March 23rd Woosh

March 23-24th  Argonia Cup 

 April 8th  TWA 

April 12-14 Thunderstuck 

April 20th  WOOSH

April 13th QCRC

April 26-28th Tribal/ Collegiate  TWA 

May 11th  Rockets 4 Schools 

May 18th&19th  WOOSH

May 25-26th Mini Midwest 

June 6- 9th LDRS 42

June 10th  TWA

June 15th&16th Woosh

June 17th-21st Spaceport America Cup

July 20th & 21st  Woosh

August  TWA

August 17-18 Woosh Ecof

August 30th-September 2nd  Airfest

September 23nd-24th TWA

September  28th & 29th  Woosh 

October 14th  TWA

November 8th-10th Midwest Power 

 November  QCRC

December   QCRC