Shape Shifter 75

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The Shape Shifter 75

We think this sleek rocket hits the mark right in the bullseye .

It stands over 6 feet tall and  has curved beveled 1/8" G10 fiberglass fins  with a 54mm motor mount to handle all of those monster motors from H-L.

This rocket consist of 

3" diameter precision slotted  filament wound fiberglass booster  44" long
3" diameter filament wound fiberglass  payload 22" long 
3" diameter filament wound fiberglass coupler 7" long 
3" diameter 5-1 filament wound fiberglass nose cone ( with stepped aluminum tip)
 CNC machined fiberglass centering rings
CNC machined stepped av-bay lids
1/8" Beveled G10 fiberglass fins
54mm filament wound fiberglass motor mount tube