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The RRC3 System has many roots that were originally planted in an older legacy project started back in 2003 dubbed the 'mPAC'.  This project never got much beyond the concept and prototyping stages, however it laid the groundwork for many of the fundamentals used by the RRC3 system today.  It's only appropriate that the RRC3 inherit the original mPAC "Archie" logo.

The Rocket Recovery Controller 3 (RRC3) is a barometric dual-deploy altimeter, with the features of high-end units, at the cost of those with a more modest feature set. In addition to basic dual-deploy capability, the RRC3 is a multi-flight recording unit, allowing you to fly all day, without the need to stop and download data in between flights.  The RRC3 also provides a third, highly flexible and programmable 'Auxiliary' output which can provide staging, airstarts, backup events, and a host of other applications.  The RRC3 can also support real-time data streaming capabilities in flight for telemetry or for interface with other custom control systems.  Despite this unrivaled suite of intrinsic capabilities and expandability, the RRC3 still maintains its simple "buy it and fly it" operations.

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