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RMS-29/40-120 MOTOR

Available reloads for this hardware

E23-5      E23-8                          USPS

F22-5      F22-7                          HAZMAT

F40-4      F40-7      F40-10       HAZMAT

F52-5      F52-8      F52-11       HAZMAT

G138                                           HAZMAT


E16-4      E16-7                          USPS

G53-5      G53-7     G53-10       USPS

G64-4      G64-7     G64-10       USPS

G76-4      G76-7     G76-10       USPS 



Customer Reviews

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Great reload motor!

I've launched the RMS-29/40-120 motor hardware three times with a G-138T reload. Assembly was very easy - all parts fit like a glove. With the G-138T, the motor is a screamer off the pad. With a small 15 ounce rocket, it was almost too fast to see. Disassembly and cleanup was super easy. Can't wait for the next launch. BTW, if you're using the G-138T reload, be sure to search for on-line assembly instructions. Aerotech has a nice on-line video that includes a step not mentioned in the written instructions that come with the reload. The missing step is to add a wrap of masking tape at the forward end of the grain before application of Super Lube and installation in the RMS-29/40-120.

Patrick Burns
My first order with Wildman.

Top Notch.
I will be using them again.