Punisher 3

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The LEGENDARY Punisher 3... a favorite of rocketeers all across the country! This is the perfect sport rocket for Level 1 and Level 2 certification and sport flights over 3 miles high. Fits conveniently within airline checked luggage size limits for easy transport to launch sites near and far!
Comes with:
  • 3" x 32" CNC-slotted filament wound fiberglass airframe
  • 3" 5:1 ogive filament-wound fiberglass nose cone with aluminum tip
  • 54mm motor mount
  • 1/8" CNC cut and beveled G10 fins
  • Wildman Head End Dual Deployment with a switch/vent band, avionics bay, and CNC-milled single piece stepped bulkplates.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Good Service, Good Quality Product

Sent Tim a few emails, for each email he had a quick response time. The Punisher 3 is exactly what I was looking for, and the package came in quite quickly.

David Jordan

Great products.. Timely shipping.. and Awesome deals thru the Wildman club..I can't wait to build and fly my punisher..

Scott Bartel

Though I have not assembled the kit (received for Christmas), I have inspected the components. The fins have well beveled leading and trailing edges, airframe slots are well executed, the nose cone is excellent. A fine kit.

Zach Abel
Oh Yeah!

Got the Punisher for both my level 1 and level 2. Looking forward to putting this bad boy together and lauching into space!! Thank you Wildman!!

Scott C
Excellent kit!

I’m in the middle of the Punisher 3 build, this kit is excellent in parts and fit. It’s going together smoothly. I purchased the fin guides, which made installing the fins a breeze and accurate. I also added the 54mm retainer. I’m looking forward to putting this in the air later this year. Great kit!