1/2 Tubular Kevlar 3 loop harness 40 feet

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High Power Rocketry 
Recovery Booster Harness / Shock Cord
with 3 sewn Loops. 

These booster harnesses have a 3rd loop sewn approximately 4 ft from one end.

This is a booster harness, the 3rd loop is to
​connect the drogue chute to..

These are made from 1/2" Tubular Kevlar

that is rated at 7200 lbs..
​This is incredibly strong material.

These booster harnesses are perfect 
for 6" and 8" Rockets.

This material is, as you know Fire Resistant.

These Booster harnesses are
unbelievably strong and resilient.

The Thread used to sew the loops is  a very heavy weight Kevlar thread, it is extremely strong,, 
and is also, I’m sure you know, Fire Resistant.
These Booster Harnesses are 40 feet long.