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Motor J570W
Diameter 38mm
Burn Time 1.91 seconds
Average Thrust 509.3 Ns (114.5 lb-s)
Max Thrust 1142.5 N (256.84 lbs)
Total Impulse 973.1 Ns (218.76 lb-s)
Motor Type Reload
Motor data provided by ThrustCurve.org
To convert Newtons to Pounds, divide by 4.448
Motor Data: ALT4 RASP CompuRoc RockSim 



White Lightning䋢 (W)
A brilliant white flame, dense bright white exhaust and a throaty roar are the hallmarks
of this popular propellant. Easy to track. Exciting to watch! White Lightning looks and
sounds like actual sounding rockets and launch vehicles. Special effects professionals
and aerospace companies specify the AeroTech White Lightning propellant to achieve
realistic simulation.