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Motor I366R
Diameter 38mm
Burn Time 1 seconds
Average Thrust 366 Ns (82.28 lb-s)
Max Thrust 507 N (113.98 lbs)
Total Impulse 539 Ns (121.17 lb-s)
Motor Type Reload
Motor data provided by ThrustCurve.org
To convert Newtons to Pounds, divide by 4.448
Motor Data: ALT4 RASP CompuRoc RockSim 


Redline (R)
Distinctly different from its propellant relatives, Redline provides unique visual and
thrust characteristics for larger airframes and performance oriented flyers. The proprietary
AeroTech formulation imparts Redline with its signature vivid scarlet flame.
Redlines burning rate lies midway between that of White Lightning and Blue Thunder.
Photos don't do justice to the "laser-beam" intensity and color of Redline you have
to see it to appreciate it!