G12ST-P 29mm dms

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The new DMS™ G12ST-P rocket motor delivers 144 N-Sec. (32.4 lb.-Sec.) of total impulse and a nearly 13-second burn time with an all-up weight of 5.3 oz. (150.3 g). The motor has an average thrust of 12 N (2.7 lb.) and delivers a peak thrust of 30.9 N (6.9 lb). This new single-use DMS rocket motor also uses AeroTech’s Super Thunder™ propellant that delivers a higher ISP and burn rate than regular Blue Thunder ™ propellant. This too is a “plugged” motor that does not produce delay smoke or have an ejection charge and requires the utilization of an electronically-activated recovery system. This rocket motor has been designed for boosting slightly heavier rocket gliders and for light-weight, high-altitude vertical rocket flights. Altitudes of 10,000 ft. or more are definitely attainable with the G12ST-P when flown in a high-performance light-weight airframe.

G12ST-P Specifications

Diameter: 29mm (1.14”)

Length: 147mm (5.79”)

Propellant: Super Thunder™

Total Impulse: 144 N-Sec. (32.4 lb.-Sec.)

Burn Time: 12.7 Seconds

Peak Thrust: 30.9 N (6.9 lb.)]

Delay Time: Plugged

Propellant Weight: 82 g (2.89 oz.)

Loaded Weight: 150.3 g (5.3 oz.)

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