Fluctus system

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Flight data recorder

Deployment altimeter

Long-range telemeter

Accurate GPS tracker

Tilt-sensitive staging device

Remote actuation device

Key features

Radio communication

with a ground station (Steady) and a PC software, for telemetry, remote control and configuration.

On-board GPS

measuring 2D position anywhere on Earth, so you never lose your rocket again.


up to ±200G for accurate speed measurement.


capable of 20km altitude and with Mach tolerant apogee detection.


for attitude measurement and safer propulsion staging.

High-rate BlackBox

with a dedicated and convenient flight analysis software.

Extremely versatile flight event programming

based on a chain of rules !


Compact, lightweight and convenient format

only 25mm wide for 23 grams, with battery reverse polarity protection, LEDs, buzzer, and monochrome screen so that you no longer need to learn Morse code.

Great IOs

3 high-current pyrotechnic outputs with continuity detection, 4 auxiliary outputs with servo control capability, and 2 analog inputs for pressure transducers, thermocouples and more.

Smart and reliable firmware
to take full advantage of Fluctus’s hardware components. 
Main features

Long range radio communication with the avionic module, up to several kilometers.

Checksum verification to automatically detect packets with erroneous contents.

LEDs, buttons and monochrome screen for easy and intuitive use.

Standard micro USB and 50Ω female SMA connectors.

Mounting holes and non-slip pads.

RIght now this  is a preorder item 



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