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Motor F30FJ
Diameter 24mm
Burn Time 1.55 seconds
Average Thrust 30.4 Ns (6.83 lb-s)
Max Thrust 40.6 N (9.13 lbs)
Total Impulse 47 Ns (10.57 lb-s)
Motor Type SingleUse
Motor data provided by ThrustCurve.org
To convert Newtons to Pounds, divide by 4.448
Motor Data: RASP 



Black Jack䋢 (J) and Black Max䋢 (FJ)
Provides the high visibility tracking of dense black exhaust. In addition to a distinctive
lift off roar, Black Jack motors give your models lower acceleration and longer powered
flight than White Lightning or Blue Thunder motors of the same total impulse. Black
Max provides slightly higher acceleration than White Lightning Propellant.