EasyMega v2.0

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Recording altimeter for high power model rocketry Supports dual deployment and 4 additional pyro events. Pyro events are configurable and can be based on time and various flight events and status, including angle from vertical (for safety in staging and air start flights). Barometric pressure sensor good to 100k feet MSL 1-axis 105-g accelerometer for motor characterization 3-axis 16-g accelerometer for gyro calibration 3-axis 2000 deg/sec gyros 3-axis magnetic sensor On-board non-volatile memory for flight data storage USB for power, configuration, and data recovery Integrated support for LiPo rechargeable batteries User choice of pyro battery configuration, can use primary LiPo or any customer-chosen separate pyro battery up to 12 volts nominal. 2.25 x 1.25 inch board designed to fit inside 38mm airframe coupler tube