Drago 3XL

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Drago 3 XL

 3" diameter with a 54mm motor mount, this kit is the perfect size to notch your Level 2 certification. Flies on anything from an H to an L!

This Kit Features:

  • All fiberglass construction

  • 44" long  fiberglass booster

  • 3 inches in diameter

  • 54mm motor mount

  • Dual deployment included with a 22" main parachute bay

  • Filament wound fiberglass nose cone with stepped aluminum tip

  • CNC machined stepped Av-bay ends

  • Fiberglass centering rings

  • Easy to assemble

  • recommended items 

  • ONEBADHAWK Harness
  • Aeropack motor retainer
  • Recon Recovery parachute

Customer Reviews

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Fred Beck

Drago 3XL

Bob Munday
Great Kit So Far

Just received my Drago and have not started building as of yet but all parts dry fit perfectly so I anticipate no problems. I will start the build as soon as I finish my 3" Punisher. This my 4th kit from Wildman and they are all great. Thanks Tim and Jackie.

Terry Klar
still building

Have not completed the rocket yet but as with all your kits the quality is great.
I expect that it will compete with my dark star. It is nice to have the longer bays so fitting parachute, tracker etc. is not a squeeze.