DC Twins

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Dc Twins

This Kit was inspired by an old classic and made from modern materials.

Kit consist of 

66" long 4" diameter filament wound fiberglass main body tube  (cut to your desired length) 

4"-6-1 filament wound fiberglass nose cone 

24" long 3" filament wound fiberglass body tube X 2

3" plastic  nose cone X 2

54mm filament wound fiberglass motor mount 

9" long  4" coupler/av-bay

1/8 g10 Beveled fiberglass fins 

fiberglass centering rings

Stepped av/bay lids

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Bob Brown
A Great Upscale of my Favorite Estes Kit

Having built this rocket and flown it several times now, I can say it truly stands out at a rocket launch as we almost never see a 4" rocket successfully recover in one piece. I have configured mine to deploy one of the two identical parachutes at apogee and the second at 700'. I really like how the chutes spread out. I typically fly it on a K-550.