Darkstar Jr.

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This fiberglass dual deployment rocket features a 38mm motor mount, making it a great L1 or L2 certification kit. Standing nearly five feet tall and measuring 2.1" in diameter, it weighs just 4.5 pounds and can be flown on motors from H through J impulse.

All junior kits feature our new thin-wall, light-weight fiberglass tubing and
  • 32" booster
  • 16" payload tube
  • 1" vent band
  • 7" fiberglass coupler
  • Filament wound fiberglass nosecone with stepped aluminum tip
  • 38mm fiberglass motor mount
  • 3/32" G10 precision cut fins
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • CNC Stepped Av-bay ends
  • recommended items 
  • ra38p-tw - retainer
  • recon 30 - parachute
  • 1/4" kevlar - 10 yards

    Customer Reviews

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    Gaveston B...

    I seldom do reviews on most things, especially HPR rockets, however this Darkstar Jr. is a perfect fit within my fleet. The construction was very easy, and I did not have to upgrade anything, because the kit was perfect. The flights were straight, and true, and I have launched it several times.

    Arthur Maness
    Very pleased with Dark Star Jr

    Almost finished with assembly. Excellent kit, my first fiber glass build. Great deal for the money.

    James Owen
    Love this rocket!

    Flown this rocket twice so far, once on an H100 to about 3000' and once on an I175 to about 4500'. I plan to fly it on an I600 at this year's NSL which should break the sound barrier and go about 7000'.
    It's durable, very stable in flight, and performs very well. would buy again!

    Great Rocket!! Amazing Service!

    Awesome kit. Great Rocket!! The Service is amazing!!