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Chute Release is a small electronic device that holds your rocket parachute closed until it drops to an altitude that you choose. This is great for windy days and small fields when normally your rocket would drift too far while descending under parachute.

Simply wrap the elastic around your folded parachute and snap it into the other side of the release, then set the altitude from 100 to 1000 feet (30-300 meters) and you are ready for launch.


Size 54 x 31 x 10 mm (2.1 x 1

Customer Reviews

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Bill Brundle
Jolly logic chute release

Have not yet launched a rocket with this on board but quite impressed with the manual, packaging, and included accessories
Shipping was fast with good communication from Wildman rocketry
Definitely doing more purchases in the future

michael deeds
Jolly Logic

Works perfectly every time. Wildman got the order out to me quickly, great customer service

Barry Kinnison
Chute release

They work! I have been using them for 3 years now and have not had an issue with them not working. Well worth the money.

Ken Schoenike

Haven’t had the opportunity to use the release yet but am looking forward to it, can’t wait

Russell Norton
JL Chute Release is a game changer

This is my new favorite toy ! Went away for the weekend to our HPR launch, to do my level 1 cert flight. Planned to launch on the second day, and it was really windy. If it wasn’t for my cert flight I wouldn’t have launched at all, but the Chute Release gave me the confidence I wouldn’t lose the rocket, and I wouldn’t need an extremely long walk (unlike others there). It worked perfectly, and is a game changer !!