Blackhawk 38

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The Blackhawk 38 is the perfect blend of performance and power. Dual deploy, ready to eat 38mm G-J motors for breakfast. It'll disappear in a nano-second if you blink.
Length: 52"
Diameter: 1.60"
Built weight: 1.8 lb
This 38mm Black Hawk is neither carbon nor G12. Instead, it's made from a special graphite-loaded fiberglass that's wound at a different angle, resulting in improved airframe strength and a sleek finish.
  • 32" ultra strong thin walled fiberglass booster tube
  • 16" ultra strong thin walled fiberglass  payload section
  • Black radio transparent nose cone
  • CNC-cut and beveled G10 fins
  • CNC-cut G10 fin alignment guides
  • 6" coupler
  • Avionics bay bulkplates
  • 1" recovery harness attachment coupler
  • Kevlar® shock cord
  • Premium Top Flight Recovery parachute
  • rocsim

Customer Reviews

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Dean Mumme
5 stars for the kit--if only there were any instructions

I can't find any instructions for any of the minimum diameter kits (the Blackhawk models). I figured what all the parts are for, except for a 1-inch long red round piece that fits like a coupler inside the body tube. I was told it was for the motor retainer but don't have a clue how its placed in the rocket.

Also, I was put off by the fact that the parachute and the fin guides were not packed with the initial shipment. The matter was dealt with quickly (thank you) but this sort of thing should rarely happen if ever. Maybe you should to invest in another layer of QC before each order goes out.

An excellent kit!

First class quality all through.
My first min diameter rocket, learned a lot surface mounting the fins and working the the volume constraints for GPS and e-skids (Doghouse charge wells!).
Perfect first flight [I245G] at Lucern w/ a flyaway rail guide, walked straight to landing with Eggfinder, altitude just shy of Rocksim predicted.
Planning a max altitude flight at FAR later this year.

Raimondo Giuliani
well built

I am impressed by the quality of the components and can't wait to see the Blackhawk 38 mm minimum diameter fly.