Blackhawk 38

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The Blackhawk 38 is the perfect blend of performance and power. Dual deploy, ready to eat 38mm G-J motors for breakfast. It'll disappear in a nano-second if you blink.
Length: 52"
Diameter: 1.60"
Built weight: 1.8 lb
This 38mm Black Hawk is neither carbon nor G12. Instead, it's made from a special graphite-loaded fiberglass that's wound at a different angle, resulting in improved airframe strength and a sleek finish.
  • 32" ultra strong thin walled fiberglass booster tube
  • 16" ultra strong thin walled fiberglass  payload section
  • Black radio transparent nose cone
  • CNC-cut and beveled G10 fins
  • CNC-cut G10 fin alignment guides
  • 6" coupler
  • Avionics bay bulkplates
  • 1" recovery harness attachment coupler
  • Kevlar® shock cord
  • Premium Top Flight Recovery parachute
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