av-bay lid 75mm

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These custom machined fiberglass bulk plates are made from  one solid  piece of g10 fiberglass plate .

Cut specifically to fit  our filament wound fiberglass body tubes and couplers. 

They have a step around the edge to center and keep the plate  aligned  on the coupler 

We machine marks into the plate to match industry standards of altimeter sleds and eye bolt mounting 

these are sold individually 


Customer Reviews

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Hugh OBrien
75mm av-bay lids

These lids fit very nicely. They have a step machined into them for precise alignment.
Another nice detail is that there are three drill centering references machined in them.
These are nice parts with thought out into them.

gerry willis
Aluminum bay lid or bulkhead

Excellent for mounting components and standing up to the high G forces of rocket recovery. Much better than wood or G10.

Dan Griffing
75mm av-bay lids

Intending to use for deployment pistons but I haven’t used them yet.

Already used a 98mm av-bay lid for 4” piston and it works great. Now building a 3” Wildman Shape Shifter with the same captive piston deployment system that I’m using on my L3 Wildman Extreme.

On my L3 Wildman Extreme. captive pistons allow me to use just 1 gram of Hogden FFFG Triple 7, and without needing to use flame protection for the parachutes or shock cord.

I’m planning on using this kind of recovery system on all of my fiberglass rockets.

Gary Wilkinson
75mm E-Bay Lids & Coupler

Redid the E-Bay for my 75mm Dominator to add redundancy and reduce weight. Purchased the new coupler and lids from Wildman. Shipped quickly, arrived in great shape, and function perfectly!