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Astrobee D䋢
The AeroTech flagship. A painstakingly
crafted scale model, the ‰ÛÏD‰۝ is nearly 6
feet of breathtaking molded detail. All of
AeroTech‰۪s trademark construction features
combine with ‰ÛÏG‰۝ power to make
this kit a ‰ÛÏmust have‰۝ rocket experience.
Length: 68‰۝/173 cm
Diameter: 2.6‰۝/6.7 cm
Weight (without motor): 28oz/790gms
Fins: 4
Product No. 89015
Recommended RMS Motors:
Motor Proj. Altitude (ft/m)
F40-4W 750 / 230
F52-5T 750 / 230
G64-4W 1350 / 4