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AeroTech Arreauxbee-Hi


The AeroTech Arreauxbee-Hi kit pays homage to the beginnings of the model rocketry hobby by recalling the first mass-produced model rocket kit, the Aerobee-Hi. Manufactured in 1958 by Model Missiles, Inc., the Aerobee-Hi model brought
the hobby industry into the space age. But don’t let this trip down memory lane fool you. There is nothing old-fashioned about the AeroTech Arreauxbee-Hi. At 4-1/2 feet tall and more than two-and-a-half inches indiameter, the Arreauxbee-Hi incorporates all the advanced design and engineering features that AeroTech kits are known for:

• Aluminum motor retainer
• Precision airfoil molded fins
• Launch rail guides AND launch lugs included
• FIN-LOK™ fin mounting system
• LABYRINTH™ wadding-less ejection gas cooling system
• Pre-assembled nylon fabric parachute
• Flies on AeroTech standard single-use, Econojet, Economax & RMS motors


Length: 54"/137 cm
Diameter: 2.6"/6.7 cm
Weight (without motor): 16.5oz/470g
Fins: 3
Motor Mount: 29mm