Argonia Cup Special 1

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Argonia Special 1

This rocket was designed with the Argonia Cup  2023 in mind

This all fiberglass 4” diameter 2 stage rocket consist of 

33" long booster 

75mm motor mount 

1/8 inch thick  Wildman  Shape G10 beveled fins 

11" long interstage coupler with electronics bay 

48" long sustainer 

54mm or 75mm motor mount your choice 

1/8 inch  Wildman shape G10 beveled fins 

9 inch long coupler/ altimeter bay 

33" long payload section 

4-6-1 filament wound fiberglass nose cone  

all fiberglass hard parts come with the kit  (centering rings and bulk plates) 

rock sim file is approximate ,all final dimensions are listed here