ANDROMEDA 3X Carbon fiber fins

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The 3 X upscale Andromeda

This is easily the most detailed , High power rocket i have ever offered .

If you are looking for a quick easy build this is not the kit for you .We have countless hours designing and done most of the hard work with our CNC machines but this is still a  builders kit, but made from high strength light weight Filament wound fiberglass  tubing, with a filament wound transition and nose cone .

This beast stands over 10 feet tall

The main body tube and motor mount are 54mm

The outer body tube, pods and payload bay are 3"

We have it available with  1/8"thick  G10 Fiberglass fins  or  we recommend ultra strong  the 1/8" thick Carbon fiber Fins.

The kit includes the following:

Lower 2.25” x 61.5” long body tube

Upper 2.25” x 40.5” long body tube

Lower 3.125” x 12” long body tube

Upper 3.125” x 23” long body tube

2 – 3.125” x 5.5” long pod tubes

2.25” coupler/Av Bay tube

Short 3.125” coupler

Long 3.125” coupler

3 – 2.25 x 3.125 center rings

3 – 3.125 x 3.875 rings

1 – wooden ring

2 large Sail fins

1 antenna fin

2 pod fins

2 fairings

2 carbon tubes

Nose cone (3.125”)

Transition (2.25” x 3.125”)

2 AV bay caps

Misc “detail” pieces

Do to the complexity of the kit these are going to be a limited run and only done in batches .

The Carbon fiber fin  upgrade is $550