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The popular AMRAAM missile... WILDMAN STYLE!

The 5" diameter fiberglass-and-aluminum AMRAAM 5 consists of:

  • 48" fiberglass booster
  • 32" fiberglass payload section
  • 10" fiberglass coupler
  • 5:1 filament would aluminum tipped fiberglass nosecone
  • 75mm fiberglass motor mount
  • Fiberglass centering rings
  • Fiberglass nosecone coupler bulk plate
  • Single-piece stepped avionics bay bulkplates
  • 1/8 beveled G10 fins

The real AMRAAM is manufactured by Raytheon. From their website:

The AMRAAM® air-to-air missile is the world's most sophisticated air dominance weapon. With more than 25 years of design, upgrades, testing and production, the AIM-120 missile continues to meet all warfighter requirements. Its capabilities have been fully demonstrated in more than 4,200 test shots and 10 air-to-air combat victories.

The AMRAAM missile is a versatile and proven weapon with operational flexibility in a wide variety of scenarios, including air-to-air and surface-launch engagements.


In the air-to-air role, no other missile compares to the AMRAAM missile. The weapon's advanced active guidance section provides aircrew with a high degree of combat flexibility and lethality. Its mature seeker design allows it to quickly find targets in the most combat challenging environments.

Procured by 37 countries including the U.S., the combat-proven AMRAAM missile has been integrated onto the F-16, F-15, F/A-18, F-22, Typhoon, Gripen, Tornado and Harrier. The AIM-120C5 and AIM-120C7 missiles are fully integrated onto the F-35 and support the U.S. Marine Corp’s F-35B initial operational capability as the only air-to-air missile qualified on the F-35.


The AMRAAM air-to-air missile packs unprecedented performance into a lightweight, cost-effective package. Because of the weapon's ongoing modernization and proven performance, it continues to deliver the highest dependability and versatility at the lowest cost of ownership.

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