98mm flyaway rail guide

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Why are Fly Away Rail Guides better than normal rail buttons? 

Generally two reasons: 

1) You don't have drill unnecessary holes in your rockets for rail buttons.

2) Reduced drag, for the fastest and highest flights possible. Launch towers work well too, but they are a pain in the butt to carry around or make sure there is one at the range which fits your rocket. 

How does it work? 

The guide is made from two halves, which clamp around your rocket. The pairs of rail buttons hold the guide together when the rocket is on the rail, and as the rocket leaves the rail, the two halves spring open. 

To keep friction to a minimum, the springs are attached so the force is very small when the guides are closed, but much stronger once it begins to open. The guide detaches from the rocket almost immediately once it has left the rail. 

How is this different from other fly away guides?

All of my guides use aluminum tubing for pivots as well as steel springs for the opening mechanism. Additionally, the four rail button design makes for the smoothest release from your rocket. I believe they are the lightest on the market, and are also designed to absorb impact for long life. If any parts do get damaged, the guides modular so individual pieces can be replaced. 

The 98mm guide also features reinforced arms and double sets of springs for fast, reliable deployment. 

What is it made from?

The guides are made from impact resistant PET plastic, aluminum tubing, corrosion resistant springs and hardware, and one piece delrin rail buttons. 

Will it fit my rocket?

The guides include high friction cork spacer material and can be made to accommodate all standard rocket airframe body tubes in 38, 54, 76 and 98mm. 

Are all sizes the same design? 

The 38, 54, and 76mm guides all are an identical 12in in length, and use 6mm aluminum tubing for struts. 

The 98mm guide is 16in long, uses thicker plastic, dual sets of springs and 10mm aluminum tubing.