Journey 75

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The Journey 75

This kit is designed to make your Level 1 certification as easy as possible.

Comes complete with:

  • 3" plastic nose cone
  • 3" diameter, 33" long filament-wound fiberglass body tube, pre-slotted with our state-of-the-art dedicated CNC slotting machine
  • 38mm filament wound fiberglass motor mount
  • CNC-cut fiberglass centering rings
  • 1/2" tubular nylon shock cord
  • Top Flight ripstop nylon parachute
  • One-piece Delrin rail buttons
  • Stainless steel screws and assembly hardware

Upgrade to a filament-wound fiberglass nose cone for only $43.00

Add an Aeropack motor retainer

Rocksim file

View Video Assembly Instructions on our YouTube Channel!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Omar Flores
Kit that'll last till the day you die!!!

Despite my original kit getting sten by porch pirates, Tim and Jackie were super cool about the situation and when I get my kit it was super fun to build! And with a 38mm i had quite a few options. Flew it for my Jr. L1 attempt in May and flew perfectly with a successful recovery! Very pleased with this product!

Excellent kit.

This was my first first fiberglass/high power build and it went surprisingly well. The video helped a lot. The centering rings were a bit of a loose fit, but I made it work. Everything that you could possibly want, with the exception of a chute protector was included in the kit. Although I have a background in radio-controlled planes and am familiar with 5-minute epoxy, I took the suggestion in the video to use the 15 minute and I think that is the way to go.

Additionally, Tim responded to my dumb questions in a matter of minutes, and I think that says a lot about this company. Highly recommended.

Scott C
A great kit!

This was my first build of a fiberglass rocket kit, previously it’s been all cardboard or Quantum tube airframes. I must say Wildman makes excellent t kits, top notch quality. All the parts fit nicely. I also upgraded the nosecone which in my opinion is a great investment. The Journey is the perfect sport kit for L1/Sport flying. It was between the Journet and 3” Punisher, the Journey won! Our flying field has a 4500 limit, so the Punisher would really be too much rocket for now. The Journey is excellent!!!

David Sorochty
Journey 75 Rocks!!

I built my journey 75 in one week (w/o paint). I launched it the next day on an Aerotech H100 White Lightning motor. It went up 1575 feet and landed about 35 feet from the pad it took off from. Perfect as it gets.

Jeff Wagstaff
Solid, Stable, Fun to build, Adaptable.

This was supposed to be a “Basic” rocket, but I’m here to tell you this thing is stable and solid. I really like the design, and could not be happier with the quality of components that Wildman uses to create these kits. I went with the upgraded fiberglass nose one. Quality! I started with this kit, and have bought several more kits from Wildman.