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This mythical Dragon is one of the toughest mid-power vehicles you can find and will astonish you with its roaring fire breathing flights up to 2500 feet. Weighing in at only 1.65 lbs, it will fly on anything from E-I motors

Kit Features:
41 inches tall
Over 2 inches in diameter
29mm Motor Mount
Fiberglass nose cone
Fiberglass centering rings
Fiberglass fins
24" Parachute
5 yards of 1/8 inch tubular Kevlar shock cord

Customer Reviews

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Shawn Snyder
Great rocket.

Bought kit for my granddaughter. When we went through it there was no motor tube. I contacted support and the following day her motor tube was on it's way. Aside from that everything else was present and appeared to be in great shape. She's in the process of building her first "big" fiberglass rocket.

I am so sorry there was a piece pissing, have you contacted us so we could send out the missing piece ?
Thank you

Great flier!

One of my favorites in my fleet! I've flown mine on cushy G motors all the way to the brutal 29mm 6 grain XL I motors. Always a great flight.