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AeroTech/Quest is pleased to announce the Tripoli certification and immediate availability of our new RMS™ Reloadable Motor System™ L1940X-PS rocket motor reload kit designed for use in AeroTech’s 75/3840 Rocket Motor Hardware. This powerful and affordable new rocket motor has been developed specifically to meet the lifting needs and performance requirements of college and university rocket teams. The L1940X-PS rocket motor reload kit delivers an impressive 4,329.2 N-Sec (972.9 lb.-Sec.) of total impulse (the highest of any 75mm 3-grain motor) with a 2.2 second burn time and an all-up weight in motor hardware of 8.50 lb. (3,856 g). Featuring AeroTech’s aerospace-grade Propellant X™ propellant formulation, the peak thrust is 2,318.5 N (521 lb.) with an average thrust of 1,939.3 N (435.8 lb.). Propellant X is a high Isp propellant that is fast-burning with a long yellow/white flame and moderate smoke. Although the L1940X-PS produces delay smoke, it is a “plugged” motor that does not include an ejection charge and requires the utilization of an electronically-activated recovery system. The L1940X-PS is designed to provide collegiate rocket teams with the most powerful 3-grain “L” Reload Kit available for our 75/3840 RMS motor casing. The L1940X also requires use of a 75mm stainless steel forward seal disk (75FSDSS).


L1940X-PS Specifications

Diameter: 75mm (2.95”)

Length: 531mm (20.9”)

Propellant: Propellant X

Total Impulse: 4,329.2 N-Sec. (972.9 lb.-Sec.)

Burn Time: 2.2 Seconds

Peak Thrust: 2,318.5 N (521 lb.)

Delay Time: Plugged

Propellant Weight: 1,825 g (4.02 lb.)

Loaded Weight: 3,856 g (8.50 lb.)


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