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Dia.: 3.9"
Height: 35.5"
MMT: 38mm
Weight: 44 oz.
Chute: 48"
Payload: None
FinThickness: 0.06"
CertLevel: Cert Level 1
Motors: H and I

Bumble Bee is short and sweet yet nice and stable. Not an inch of space is wasted inside of this rocket!
Bumble Bee utilizes our new Stuffer Tube Recovery design. Much of the recovery system is inside of the nosecone! The shock cord is "built into" the nosecone and can never tear out.
• Pre-slotted Quantum Tube airframe
• Dura-Chute nylon parachute
• Plastic nosecone
• 38mm motor mount
• Piston ejection system
• G-10 fins
• Linear Rail Lugs for 10/10 launch rails
Can be flown on many H, I, and even some J motors!