Broken Arrow XL

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Kit includes:

4" 5:1 VK Filament Wound Fiberglass Nosecone

4" G12 Payload 22" Long

4" G12 Coupler 9" Long

4" G12 Booster 44" Long 4"

G12 Switch Band

75mm G12 Motor Mount

3 G10 Fiberglass 3/16" Thick Fins

G10 Fiberglass Centering Rings

G10 Fiberglass AV Lids and Bulkplate

This Kit Features Over 7 Feet Tall Weight Just Over 11 lbs

Dual Deploy standard CNC Precision Cut Parts

CNC Precision Slotted

PLEASE NOTE: this is an unpainted rocket. The tubing included in this kit is semi-transparent red and a black nose cone. In order to finish the rocket like the one in the photo, you will need to add a painted finish. Rocketry Warehouse kits include only the fiberglass components to complete your rocket and do not have instructions. You will need to add rail buttons, hardware and recovery components.