Andromeda 54/38

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Dia.: 3.9"
Height: 64.5"
MMT: 54mm MMT w/ Adapter for 38mm
Weight: 68 oz.
Chute: 54"
Payload: 12"
FinThickness: 0.093" Pre-beveled
CertLevel: 1 and 2
Motors: H-J

This kit includes the HAMR-54 Motor Retainer and HAMR-54/38 Adapter!


Andromeda`s elegance is in its strength and versatility.
Great for Level 1 and Level 2 flights!

Andromeda comes standard with pre-beveled 0.093 G-10 fins, she can handle high power flight without fin flutter. The Quantum Tube airframe, thick plastic nosecone, and multi-panel hemispherical parachute are chosen for their reliability and durability in order to survive the rigors of repeat flights. The HAMR-54 set included with this kit allows you to fly H-J motors, making it ideal for both Levels 1 & 2. By using the included HAMR-54/38 adapter, she can accommodate 38mm, or 54mm motors so you can fly anywhere, anytime. The HAMR-54/29 is also available below for even greater versatility. This beautiful rocket is both easy to build and a joy to fly.

• Pre-slotted Quantum Tube airframe
• 54" Dura-Chute nylon parachute
• Plastic nosecone
• 54mm motor mount
• HAMR-54 Motor Retainer INCLUDED!
• HAMR-54/38 Motor Adapter INCLUDED!
 Pre-beveled 0.093" G-10 fins
• Linear Rail Lugs for 15/15 launch rails