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Dia.: 6.0 in.

Height: 79 in.
Weight: 193 oz.
MMT: 54mm
Chute: 72"
Payload: None
FinThickness: 0.09"
CertLevel: Level 2
Motors: I thru K

The AGM-600 is a huge 6" version
of our popular AGM-256 PitBull!

The AGM-600 is a large 6" version of our AGM-256 PitBull (See the AGM-256 by clicking here). The AGM-600 PitBull comes complete with fiberglass nosecone and boattail. The 54mm motor mount can handle any motor up to about 30" long (click on Motor Recommendations below for details), and comes with a 72" `chute for motor-based recovery. Also included are 0.093" G10 fins, PML`s piston ejection system, and of course the attention to quality and detail that sets PML ahead of the pack!

The CPR-MAX Electronic Recovery System cannot be added to the AGM-600 without major modifications that make it unfeasible. Sorry.