2.2" Carbon FIber Tomach XL

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Product Description

Kit includes: 

Black Fiberglass Filament Wound 5:1 Von Karman Nosecone
Carbon Fiber Airframe 40 inches
Carbon Fiber Airframe 20 inches
Carbon Fiber Switch Band 1 inch
Carbon Fiber Coupler 8 inches
Fiberglass AV Lids
Fiberglass Nose Cone Bulk Plate and Coupler Bulk Plate
Fiberglass Anchor Bulk Plate
Anchor Bulk Plate Coupler
Carbon Fiber 3/32" Thick Fins

This Kit Features 

Carbon Fiber Filament Wound Construction
Almost 7 Feet Tall
Built Weight Approximately 3 lb
Dual Deploy Standard
CNC Precision Cut Parts
Flies on everything from G to L
Great for those mach busting flights
All Composite Design

This kit includes only the composite components to complete your rocket and do not have instructions.  You will need to add rail buttons, hardware and recovery components.

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